NEWWELL Transparent Powder Matt 18gr.
NEWWELL Transparent Powder Matt 18gr.
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NEWWELL Transparent Powder Matt 18gr.

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New Well Translucent Powder - Flawless complexion all day long!

The New Well Translucent Powder is the perfect product for flawless make-up. Available in a range of skin tones and formulated to be transparent, the powder ensures that your make-up lasts longer and gives your skin a matte finish. Thanks to its light and powdery texture, New Well Translucent Powder applies effortlessly and blends seamlessly with your skin thanks to its transparent formula. The main function of this transparent powder is to set your makeup. Apply the New Well Translucent Powder by lightly dipping the brush into the powder, tapping off any excess powder, and then running it over your face like a feather broom. This allows you to achieve a natural look without applying too much powder. With the New Well Translucent Powder you get porcelain-like skin! Use the powder to help contour your face. In the current makeup trend, known as the baking method, you apply the powder generously to the areas where you want a radiant effect. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then use a brush to brush away excess powder for a natural finish. Due to the body temperature, the powder combines optimally with your skin and gives the applied areas a radiant appearance. Set your make-up in place with the New Well Translucent Powder and achieve a matt complexion. Applied especially to oily areas of the skin, it ensures a long-lasting make-up without smudging throughout the day. The New Well Translucent Powder gives your skin a matt and healthy appearance and leaves it feeling velvety. For a flawless complexion, the New Well Translucent Powder is your savior!

  • Perfect for a long-lasting make-up
  • Matte finish and natural look
  • Easy to use thanks to the powdery texture
  • Transparent formula for seamless integration with the skin
  • Assists in contouring the face
  • Baking method for a radiant effect
  • Fixes makeup and prevents smudging
  • Matte and healthy look with a velvety feel